im out of computer time so goodnight everyone

chickadeepercapita said: not really i just. don’t want the people i care for to have to go through a lot of hardships and tragedy and pain. it’s inevitable but. minimum.

yea that’s actually really cool though like youre the only person i’ve seen whose wish wasn’t just about yourself and that’s rad

to be a succubus with irresistable and captivating powers
this is fucking sappy but good and happy lives for people
the madoka of the pokemon world

mondochuwada answered: to be a sxy pokemon like lopunny..if i already am then for the last PMD game to have been better

both of those wishes are correct there may not have been a wrong answer but there sure as hell were some right ones

if you were in the pokemon world and you had a chance to make a wish because of jirachi what would your wish be this is important